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Thunderpunch Monferno by MurphyAlter

The Thunder Force Is Strong With This One! The words Simple but Effective comes to mind; I have to say its bare but very to the point, ...

.: La V I T A  e  bella!! :. by poolvosje

Big and quite frankly Beautiful in the most touching way I have seen all day. You keep out doing yourself, it really says something abo...

Art summary (2013) by lifegiving

A Vision of such Wonder and Refinement. There are not so many words to describe the overall grasp of this historical art piece resting ...


Stability, Strength, Stalwart:The Great Guardians by SeriesArtiststarter
Stability, Strength, Stalwart:The Great Guardians
"These 3 are the finest results the technology of FUSE-Corp could produce with the assistance of Mega Meitoxeas. The one on the top left is Crafty, The Titan of Groudon; the one on the top right is Mighty, The Titan of Kyogre and below them is Knighty The Titan of Rayquaza.

Noticed it yet? If you haven't take a good look at their chests; each contains carbon copies of The Red Orb, The Blue Orb and The Meteorite emblazoned into their hides in order to boost their respective powers to greater heights, for these 3 will accompany me on 3 specific missions; Defeat Mega Alaketany and Rescue Colleagues! Go To The Last Coordinates Of Dr.Drago To Provide Updates and Assistance! Annihilate a facility overtaken by a  genetically altered FUSEmon that's only visible description is that it's pink, has a vicious temper and a sweet tooth appetite that would put a Snorlax to shame! "

"Let's get down to the basics of these heroes!

Species Name: Gojakkureja

The Gallant Gigantic Gladiator FUSEmon 

Pokémon Used: Hoopa Unbound Forme, Golurk, Greninja, Pikachu, Mightyena, Aegislash

Ability: Deposed-"When the User is at low HP this ability will activate. User's stats increase for one turn to their limit, after that the User will be KO'd."

Type: Ground/Electric/Steel/Ghost(traces of Dark and Psychic)

Hyper Cannon (Knightly): "User fires a blast of incredible vibrancy. User must recharge for 1 turn; user also gains a boost in speed each time" 5PP, Special, Psychic.

Dimension Punch (Crafty): "User strikes at a target with a fist that will bring about the ruination of their mind; any target hit with this will be afflicted with Confusion, Paralysis and Flinching." 4PP, Physical, Ghost.

Black Horizon (Mighty): "User summons up an encompassing blackness that forms into a perfect sphere. Once used all targets cannot attack for 1 turn and during their next turn they are pulled into it, losing their typing and 100 HP. Typing becomes blank, becoming susceptible to all types of attack."

Compassion Shield (Shared): "User spawns a barrier around themselves. If hit with a Physical Attack it is redirected to the one that used it with the full damage total taken if it had hit the target. If hit with a Special Attack it is redirected at the one that used it with the full damage total taken if it had hit the target. If used in a Team Battle this move will restore HP to allies by half the full damage total of the attack used."



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United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal , J-Rock & J-Pop. Very Eclectic

Favourite style of art: Animated / Digital
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Clip Mp3
Shell of choice: Hmmm how about a Shellshock!

Wallpaper of choice: Sonic, Digimon, Pokémon, Transformers, Dogs, Wisdom, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Favourite Characters: Ask Away~!

Personal Quote: "Balance is Key. I'm Chaos and life is Madness; therefore.....Let's Get Crazy~!"


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Why am i doing this? Well maybe because it was suggested to me, but i guess i would need another reason right.? Well i dont have a very clear idea about what else so any suggestions are worth consideration Folks,

Actual amount currently is 1027 but these points could be part of something, im unsure of what but if anything i'd wanna use them to do some kinda good if it ever came to it

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I wanted to give my piece to this because I have much to say on this and we should all vote for a future, no matter what anyone says!

What I would pick for Smash Bros 3DS/WII U and what is up to vote for.

1: Raiden (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

2: Sceptile ( Pokémon ORAS)

3: Rayman (Rayman 3/Rayman Legends)

4: Dr.Eggman

5. Sonic The Werehog

6: Agumon

7: Tails

8: Sly Cooper

9: Hawlucha

10: Shoutmon
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  • Reading: Terry Pratchett Stuff
  • Watching: Steven Universe, TMNT2015, Future Card Buddyfight
  • Playing: Pokemon AS, KH 2.5 HD REMIX, Spyro 2
  • Eating: Not Hungry.
  • Drinking: I could use a drink(not booze!)

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I was totally shocked when I went to see why the next transformers episode was not up on Sunday, that there is no American air dates past the third. Then out of curiosity I went looking online and sites have up to episode 13 up. hahah screw American non existent air dates. I'll have to watch that in addition to dragons :D
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