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United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock, Rock, some Heavy Metal , Anime music and songs
Favourite style of art: Anime Digital and Unique
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Clip Mp3
Shell of choice: Hmmm how about a Shellshock!
Wallpaper of choice: Sonic Digimon MAR Transformers Megaman Devil May Cry Black Brothers Blood Soul Eater TNBC Hellsing
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic The Hedgehog
Personal Quote: "If you gotta heart and soul to show Then use it up and let em lead you on into the cloak bliss


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CURSE YOU! Hug Giggle Well folks it's now a fresh start and thus with it a better chance to rock to a whole new beat, to some it's familiar but to others not so much, this maybe a little late into the year but I got something to say, so listen!.

Secret Santa Operation: The Operation was a success, not like last year's but all the same it went well to a good extent but just a word for the Secret Santa's who did not finish there gifts in time this is all I have to say, if you wish to finish it up and deliver it then go for it^^ and if you don't want to finish and or upload it then that is fine, it be in the past but now we can move forward. (NOTE) You have the option to also just upload whatever you have made, even if it was not completed cause it's all good you know? tis the littlest things that make the biggest difference.

ART STATUS!: Still got some stuff to upload and finish, a collab or two as well as some personal projects, most of which are filling in the slots of my character roster along with some updates of some OC's n FC's.

X-MAS News: Snagged a Wii U with Brawl, Windwaker and The Secret Rings along with Lord Of The Rings Boxset(First time fully watching them.), lots of nifty gadgets, Ultimate Marvel V.S Capcom 3(Just like me to get into something great that's been done and tried for a long time now with nobody else around in sight, No, I disagree! Rage Waaaah! I think I've fainted. :shifty: Grump Nuu Bored Stare Dead (RIP) Disbelief ) with The Rachet And Clank Collection, so what did all you get, and more importantly, did you have a good time?.

Game Reviews of 2013:

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: To speak of this game is to tell the story of how one man overcame insurmountable odds, raised himself above the senseless malice all around him, whom walks along the lines of insanity and ideals and sounds just f*cking good tearing up a few slimy, gutless cowards!. This game had many a message in it but the music breathed life into it, the story gave it form and the gameplay gave it an extension to whip out with, a Full 10 Stars for this masterpiece as the characters are the stars of it.

Sonic Lost World: Speaking of only the 3DS Version for the moment, it can be called a game that switches up the mechanics we have come to know from Sonic games, keeping the base controls nearly the same while introducing more "control" to the amount of speed dished out through it, worth playing on either console I suppose if only for the cutscenes and usage of Wisps.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y: Two games, one story, numerous Pokémon to befriend and bond with in exciting battles and miraculous adventures all that the touch of a few buttons. These games are worth investing in for being bridges to bring together Pokémon and Friends together in such magical ways that bring about such joy, and plenty of fun if your the competitive sort.

DmC: Devil May Cry: The controls are smooth but you do tend to tire out after some time, the story was choppy in places but the one-liners were present and strong like his bullets, only thing about this that I don't much agree on is how they portrayed Sparda as a total whelp compared to the original who would have stabbed that chubby corporate dirtbag into the deepest trench of hell and then cut him up some more. This is a game if your seeking a lot of challenges, a lot of Demon Slaying and a lot of juicy Boss Fights to keep you on the beat and move.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed: Better then the first and better then Mario Kat 7 by many, many, many miles. The usage of the vehicle transformations is so brilliant as they flow so naturally and they come together in so many well thought out ways, a great game for action racing that's right up there with that Crash racing game where you partner up.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team: It wasn't too bad, not as good as Bowser's Inside Story which was official first Mario Nintendo RPG game I play, which was quite good. This game was colourful and magical but to an extent though I must admit the characters never cease to astound through it all.

Film Reviews of 2013:

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters: It actually was a good movie, decent characters, a sound plot and it certainly had moments where there was a balance that was always kept yet it shifted, looking forward to hopefully a good sequel.

The Lone Ranger: Yep like someone said in one review the only good parts of this movie is The Lone Ranger Himself(Armie Hammer), Tonto(Johnny Depp) and Silver(That horse is full of some crazy messed up sh*t. I like.) So that's all there is to say, these 3 characters made the film somewhat watchable but the rest was 1.5 star garbage in a cesspit sailing to a junkyard.

Grown Ups 2: Funnier then the first one, more random and nuts which adds to the spice of life, I mean O_-_O how do you get a attacked by a boat that isn't even alive, plus that Taylor Lautner lookout or whatever got what was coming to him~!.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising: While it's not up to the same standard as the original movie, it certainly beat's that slimebag Michael Bay's Trilogy thus far that are genuinely just not that good. It had moments to feel proud of, moment's of great sadness and moment's of thrills that meant a greater sense of death then one could imagine.

Pacific Rim: This is a way to boost the idea for folks to indulge more into Transformers and Godzilla, the movie itself had style but not much else, good if your looking to see a Sci-Fi/Action Flick that has a backstory to it all amounting to just beating up alien monsters with badass mecha's. Good to watch with a group.

R.I.P.D: Surprizingly a good acting job from Ryan Reynold's. I don't know what to say, maybe it's the movies he has been in or maybe he just isn't that much of an actor but in this movie along with the rest he did pretty damn good, but Kevin Bacon? dear damn Demongo...i'ts like listening to Disney's Hades, most film's I have seen him in always have him as the bad guy who's a total d*** but this movie was nifty, had comedy, action and strangeness, not bad for a movie night.

Enders Game: Lot's of Sci-Fi stuff this year, this one makes you think and just is full of more questions then answers really, worth taking a watch into.

Tagged Part. :iconchaosdaniel: Is to thank for this.

These are the rules:
1. - You must posts these rules. DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE ME!
2.- Each person has to share 10 things about them. I like to move it, move it~!
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer. By all the fires of hell what's that.
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. Snooping as usual I see.
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged. LOOK AT THIS UNWASHED MASSES.
6.- No " you are tagged if you read that" This is the most perfect rule of all, I mean, tag if you read? BULLCRAP
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people. Like the French, I will divide and conquer.
8.- No tag-backs. Take it and leave it.
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags. I don't make the rules Jack, I just enforce em.
10.-You MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. Or else Candlejack will get you in his sack.

10 Despicable Things About Me by Me.

1: I am guy of simple pleasures, Laughing, Eating Good Shizz, Chilling Out and Spreading The Love Man.(No Homo/No Hippie like but just good vibes all around.)

2: My nickname that I took during a big Football/Soccer Match as one of the Hosts on the Mike was Dooc(Spoken like Duke.)

3: I love Halloween and Christmas^^. It's where the real fun of the year starts and ends.

4: I really love hugging folks who I am really damn friendly with and consider good friends?. Eh what can you say, might be one nasty piece of work when it comes to attitude and words sometimes but I'm really just a big weird softie who's sometimes not so direct with emotions through speech but through action.

5: Word to my homies out there, I was born with Red hair so I'm stubborn as they come and pretty damn rebellious to say the least!. Then I went blond(naturally with some sun or some such thing like that.) so I am kinda clumsy at times^^" mostly referring to myself as a big lug who's yeah tall, but currently I got what you might call burnt wood/mousey Brown hair(natural, guess keeping to the dark really does a number on a guy.)

6: I like to think I've got Leadership Potential, what with being born in The Year Of The Dog and because for some reason I feel some inclination to be in a position like that, only if I could really handle it.

7: I'm a Libra who naively does like to believe in fairness and justice, even though the world sorely lacks it in some places.

8: Favorite Ice Cream flavour is Blue Raspberry Sherbet, a fruity, lovely kind of treat that's just so NIIIIIICE~!.

9: I'm afraid, no absolutely terrified of Death, not because of it happening and feeling pain but because what if there is no After Life? what if there is nothing but black, empty, no conscious oblivion?. That is my greatest fear really, cause heck you'd like to go some place nice when you kick the bucket.

10: I'm what you might call a guy that's gotta groove to some some smooth beats. Basically means that I'm no strummer with an instrument with the right kind of drums or some sort of object with a particular surface I can dish out a catchy rhythm like no other, it's not really a skill or perfected yet but it's the only way I know to express music with the body ya know.

:iconchaosdaniel:'s questions to me.

1: Nope I don't play LoL so I couldn't say.

2: 1998 maybe? Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red.

3: Electronic Music? I don't think I do, whaddya think I am, Electro?

4: Some I like but not all. Not sure bout trying Dark Souls though

5: What kinda Power Mage would I be from that Fairy Tail anime/manga? That's easy....A illusionist~!

6: Best Video Game of all Time? Spyro Year of The Dragon 3

7: I guess most amusing thing I find in a story is The Characters.

8: Did you bring the Lighter Kakakarrot cake?.

9: Fav Hobby sides Writing or Drawing? Hmmm.....Swimming~!@

10: P-Pervert! I'm freaking in my pyjama's.












And here's your questions that I ask of you 10!.

1: First favourite animated tv show.

2: What did you have for Dinner?.

3: If you had a metal rod, an Angry Bird and mustard, what would you do?.

4: What would you rather be? a Truck Driving Singer or a Video Game Designer who moonlights as a Indian Cuisine Chef?.

5: Digimon, Pokémon or Both? If both say something loud and exciting for the viewers out there.

6: Chocolate or Apple flavoured Candy?.

7: If you had 50bucks/pounds/euros/ETC what would you use it for? Has to be purchased within 25 minutes of gaining said annuity.

8: Are you BATMAN? or are you :icontheirongiantplz: SUPERMAN.

9: Ever sung a song in the shower and thought you sounded good?. I know I have.

10: Will you hunt down an animal that stole your most precious thing and threaten to turn it into a hood ornament even though you won't really do that?.(I hope).


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